Jib Cranes


Jib Cranes are attachments that effectively provide a crane style lift using a forklift truck. Only limited by truck size they can range from very small pieces to very large attachments. If you want to lift items that are non-palletised, hard to reach, or need to be stacked individually, our forklift crane jibs and lifting beam attachments are a great solution. The forklift crane jibs are simply fitted to the forklift truck, so they’re an ideal crane arm attachment for quickly converting your forklift into a mobile crane to allow safe lifting & handling of long and awkward loads.

Fork Mounted

Fork mounted jib cranes can be supplied as a simple brackets which can be clamped to the fork with the hook hanging below the fork blade, to a full length fully enclosed pocket with a raised hook centreline. Our full pocket designs feature heel retention brackets and pins as standard.

Because we manufacture to order pocket sizes to suit fork cross sections can be specified. In addition fork centres can be specified which may be to suit a minimum setting or to match a setting which is used when the jib is not fitted, to save on fork repositioning. We can fit tethering hooks or shackle eyes to reduce the effects of live loads.

Carriage Mounted

Our carriage mounted jib cranes are offered mainly on ITA carriages but are commonly supplied on pin and square hook type mountings at the large end of the capacity range. As we build to order we can provide on any mounting type imaginable. All manner of hook positions vertically and horizontally can be profided Additonal tethering point can be specified.