SMC Euroclamp Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of SMC Euroclamp Ltd is to provide its customers with goods and services of the highest quality and reliability, which is consistent with sound commercial practices and economic considerations.

A policy of continual improvement in the quality of goods and services has been adopted throughout the company, designed to meet the needs and expectations of customers and to achieve fitness for purpose in every contract. Quality objectives are established and reviewed regularly to ensure continual improvement takes place.

Additionally to ensure our commitment to proper procedure, SMC Euroclamp  is continually establishing new, and maintaining old formal procedures that are deemed to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

This involves the implementation of systems which are designed to make use of cost effective, planned and systematic procedures that determine, assess and achieve quality and economy in compliance with the specified requirements.

The quality assurance system adopted by SMC Euroclamp Ltd covers all quality related activities from sales quotations to the delivery and service of product to the customer, including the control of purchased goods and services from outside suppliers.

It is also the company’s declared policy that all employees shall have a full commitment to quality and that they shall produce work of the highest standard and that attitudes of ‘right first time’ will prevail at all times. In making this statement, the company acknowledges that training and understanding are essential requirements and have set in place proper procedures to ensure all employees are properly equipped to work.

SMC Euroclamp Ltd firmly believes that the continued success of the company depends upon the ability to provide a first class service to its customers and a positive commitment to continuous improvement.