The smc europed


SMC Euroclamp offer a range of small sized pedestrian trucks with specialised attachments on the front. These trucks can be fitted with an attachment to suit almost any market including paper roll handling, hoppers and tilt tables. Designed to manipulate a variety of different loads, the SMC EuroPed is a self enclosed system with some great safety features. Also available with a 4 way option and a maxiumum capacity of 2000Kgs.

Safety and Stability

¬†Pretty much unseen on the market before us, we built in a kick plate around the edges of the truck to protect operators feet should it be accidentally reversed into someone’s foot or against a solid object.

To stop the operators being dragged by the truck, it automatically switches off if the tiller arm is at the extremes (up and down). to stop the operators becoming trapped the tiller arm has a belly button that will reverse the truck away from the operator if pressed.

To ensure stability, the speed of the truck is determined by the height of the carriage. If lifting loads at height the truck is automatically restricted to a slow speed setting to ensure safety. Additionally the speed of the truck can be completely decided by the operators themselves. Should they require it to go faster when unloaded, this can be changed to suit.

SMC Pedestrian Trucks :