Brick & Block Clamps


Block clamps are made to handle packs that are vaguely block shape though through the years we’ve seen them used in a variety of ways such as handling loose stacks of floor slabs, bricks and concrete blocks. What they are not useful for is handling softer loads such as cardboard packed product. In cases such as these the smaller contact surface and higher clamp pressure isn’t suitable for more delicate loads. If you are in doubt whether a block clamp would be suitable for your particular situation SMC Euroclamp is more than willing to take a look and recommend the best option.


The building products industry is a demanding one. Moving its diverse products around site can be a time consuming business. SMC Euroclamp have more than equipped themselves to meet the handling needs within this industry. SMC Euroclamp offer a complete range of specialist clamps for the brick, block, flag and kerb markets.

Our range has been designed to withstand the tough environments of the brick and block industry. The range incorporates many unique design features to ensure maximum productivity.

Our Brick & Block Clamp Range include :