Load Stabilisers & Grapples


Load stabilisers are designed to rest on top of a load and to prevent the load from being discharged from the fork truck whilst it is in motion. We offer a standard range which consists of a rectangular rubber faced plate hydraulically extended on a linear track similar to a fork lift truck mast. We can also offer stabilising arms that pivot away where they would otherwise interfere, or even stabilisers which bolt onto other hydraulic attachments, for instance to the outer forks on a 2 into 1 attachment. Make this selection if ; – Require load stabilising – Need a parallel action for stabilising load.


Our standard range of sliding action load stabilisers are designed with a narrow chassis to fit onto the carriage between the fork arms. The chassis width allows us to close the forks to 300mm between, but the open design allows visibility through the centre. We have a standard range of contact pads and opening ranges, however we can manufacture to suit specific requirements.

Our Load Stabiliser Range include :