Our Story


Founded in 1950, SMC Euroclamp formerly The Stockport Manufacturing Company (1950) Ltd, had previously been a manufacturer of major fuselage and wing structures for aircraft during the Second World War, before the separation in 1950 the company was previously known as SMC Avro, the most memorable plane our factory worked on was the Lancaster Bomber.

As the war came to an end, the factory was re-purposed for peace time productions with the fabrication of partitions and kitchens for prefab homes then known as ‘The Howard House’, becoming equally as famous at this. At its peak the company employed over a hundred workers and produced homes for thousands of returning soldiers.

It was during this time that the direction the company was taking was between two points. While one half wanted to stick to the aviation business the other saw opportunity else where in the market. Immediately after the war many rough-rider trucks from the American war time fleet were left unneeded and unwanted. It was here that the company split and decided to take its chances.

The rough-rider truck was the first time a specialist attachment had been fitted to a forklift truck and was immediately a great decision as many recovering companies were after the reconditioned trucks. This set in stone the direction for the company to produce material handling attachments.

As things moved forward, the introduction of new ways to utilise a fork lift truck expanded, seeing applications in all industry sectors. The company continued manufacturing at its factory in Cheadle, Cheshire for 55 years until 2005 when it moved to new premises in Bollington, Cheshire.

By this time SMC had formally become SMC Euroclamp Ltd, and had a huge variety off attachments on offer. Offering services in bespoke design, the company found its niche in an ever growing market, never having forgotten its important past. From then ’till now, the wealth of knowledge passed down has been maintained and the same family as then still owns the business now. Over the years SMC Euroclamp has grown into a fledging business offering not just new products but a huge range of rental equipment as well.