Contact SMC Euroclamp, we've been providing solutions for over 70 years.

As well as SMC Euroclamp’s extensive range of standard lift truck attachments over the years we have developed many more unusual products tailored to client’s specific applications and needs.

If you cannot find the attachment you are looking for, please contact us. The chances are that we have designed and built a similar attachment for a customer previously and if not we will come up with a solution that fulfils your requirements

Recently we have been asked for some slightly unusual attachments, in the picture is an inverted double boom for handling bulk bags that need to be emptied into a hopper.

The attachment booms are over 2 m long with a collar on each to prevent the bag from moving and to guide the bag to the correct place above the hopper. The 1400mm inverted carriage gave the truck the required lift height and the quick release mountings enabled the truck to revert easily to normal fork truck duties.

And here are two more projects we are working on -

For another customer who needs to discharge a 40 foot container from the outside, our purpose built 12m long fork mounted boom with multiple hooks working with the customers 27 tonne machine is the solution.

Another attachment we are working on is a rotating clamping attachment designed to lift very large tyres and wheels, the attachment will be fitted to a telescopic truck so SMC will manufacture a quick dis-connect backplate to suit the donor truck, the 4 forks are to be shaped to assist with handling tyres on their radii, and the fork surface will be coated to provide a better grip.

So if you have a problem and no one else can help, contact SMC Euroclamp. Whatever your industry or application, we can probably design and build  an attachment that makes your materials handling more efficient, safer and cost effective.