Here at SMC Euroclamp we've been busy over the Winter & with Summer approaching these keg clamps will ensure that the beer doesn't run out!

Until around 1978/9 all kegs were handled on pallets, with manual handling at the end of the line.  Nowadays, the Keg Clamp can handle all types of kegs and casks. It is an indispensable tool for the brewing industry providing excellent visibility, fast, reliable operation and durable construction. Standard features include low profile stabiliser with long lasting rubber pads; wear indicators on tines, solenoid valve and end of stroke cushioning on Sideshift movement.

The Keg Clamp fitted to the Yale is a new unit ordered for an independent brewery by an independent fork truck company. The SMC K21CSI/6 Beer clamp is designed to handle beer kegs and casks either full or empty to facilitate fast loading and unloading through handling multiple units simultaneously.

SMC Euroclamp’s Keg Clamps provide excellent visibility, speedy operation and are durable and reliable. Our standard features include a low profile stabilizer with long lasting rubber wear pads, built in wear indicators on the tines, cushioning at the end of the side-shift stroke and solenoid valves to enable all functions to operate.

The keg clamps fitted to the Cesab are the latest model, we supplied 2 in fully refurbished condition- Can you tell the difference between the new and the refurb?

We’ve been manufacturing this style of attachment for over 20 years and were the pioneers in keg handling attachments. With this length of manufacture, we’ve added countless improvements and perfections over the years that means our latest model beer clamps are one of the best out there.

Keg Handling from SMC Euroclamp
Keg Handling from SMC Euroclamp
Keg Handling from SMC Euroclamp

If you are in the brewery trade our keg handling attachments will save your business time and money.