SMC Euroclamp always likes to work with and support the Waste and Recycling industry.

We recently delivered 2 different types of clamps to work in this sector and the picture below shows a very versatile SMC Pivoting Fork Clamp clamping a bale of recycled clothing.

When not required for clamping duties, the Pivoting forks can simply be rotated and used as standard forks.

Recycling Clamps are suitable for the transportation of non- palletised reusable materials in the recycling industry.

This picture shows a SMC bale clamp which is a dedicated attachment and is to be delivered to a recycling company for handling bales of recycled plastic.

With over 70 years of trading, we have designed and manufactured a vast range of solutions for the materials handling industry. Although most of our products are designed for the fitment to fork lift trucks we do also feature equipment for alternative applications such as production lines and overhead crane mounted applications.