Our guide to the most useful forklift attachments that operate in the food and beverage industry.

SMC Euroclamp offer the food and beverage industry a variety of materials handling solutions to lower operational costs, increase productivity and meet the demand of modern distribution centres.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from over 70 years of materials handling experience, it’s how to manufacture solutions that our customers can rely on.

That means staying on top of industry trends, performing extensive research and development, and taking unparalleled quality assurance measures. In other words, we don’t follow the market; we lead it.

With SMC Euroclamp, you can move your food and beverages with speed and confidence, knowing you have a partner with a reputation for high-quality products that stand the test of time.

Layer Picker

Layer Pickers have revolutionised the way palletised loads can be handled. The system is now widely used throughout the fresh produce sector and can be seen at most major supermarket distribution centres. The speed and versatility of the system can help your business reduce time, labour, repetitive strain injury claims and significantly increase your safe working practices, productivity rate and bottom line.

Multiple Load Handler

Multiple load handlers are used to double or triple a forklift’s productivity level by adding a second or third pair of forks to the truck. Operators can pick up more than one load at a time and transport them side by side. These attachments are often found in beverage and food handling warehouses.

Palletless Handling – Push Pull

The Push Pull attachments offer cost effective solutions to ensure optimum performance and maximum productivity when handling materials on slip sheets. These attachments are easily connected to a conventional fork lift truck for efficient palletless handling and can be swiftly disconnected to return to handling pallets. Enabling efficient handling of palletless materials in applications such as beverage handling, general cargo handling, bagged goods and fruit and corrugated box handling.

Beer Clamps

Until around 1978/9 all kegs were handled on pallets, with manual handling at the end of the line.  Nowadays, the Keg Clamp can handle all types of kegs and casks. It is an indispensable tool for the brewing industry providing excellent visibility, fast, reliable operation and durable construction. Standard features include low profile stabiliser with long lasting rubber pads; wear indicators on tines, solenoid valve and end of stroke cushioning on sideshift movement.

Milk Tine Attachments

Milk tine units are designed specifically to handle high volumes of milk crates. The tines are shaped specifically for this industry to fit perfectly in the milk crates and are always a bolt on style for easy replacement. Our models come in two variants, hydraulic and non-hydraulic with the hydraulic variant designed with a built in stabiliser for added load safety.

Custom Food and Beverage Attachments

Need something bespoke? Custom products from SMC Euroclamp are the optimal solution for your food and beverage handling needs. A custom attachment is not only specifically designed for your operation today, but built to scale with your business tomorrow.

Whatever your application, we can probably design and build an attachment that makes your materials handling more efficient, safer and cost effective.