Sideshift offers the ability to move an attachment to the left or right (Nearside/Offside).

A Sideshift allows you to keep your existing attachment set up and add in the ability to sideshift (hook on variant). This is done by adding what is essentially a hydraulically controlled carriage onto your existing carriage and placing the attachment on the front. An integral sideshift on the other hand, replaces your existing non sideshift carriage, with a more flexible sideshift variant (The section lifted by the central mast lift ram). It is important to note a hook on attachment will de-rate your truck more than an integral type, however you gain the flexibility to remove it when needed.

Sideshifters allow lateral shift of the load from ± 100 up to ± 160 mm, depending on the capacity of the truck. This saves time and increases maneuverability. A special version featuring increased sideshift stroke is also available. We have two different versions of Sideshifters in the SMC product range – A hook-on or integrated versions.

Sideshifters can be combined with numerous other attachments thus increasing the application possibilities.

If your business moves palletised goods we can help.

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